Position the sub to the side of the trunk and place the bottom bracket over the stud on the trunk floor. If you’re one of those owners that likes to have a well-balanced car when it boils down to mods, then this subwoofer kit needs to be in your car. Remove the push pin holding the interior quarter panel to the carpet. mustang Let's presume your subs are wired correctly to the amp, two DVC 2-ohm subs wired to 2 ohms, two DVC 4-ohm subs wired to 4 ohms. BUT Stick your head in the trunk and that sub sounds nice. Crimp the connectors with a pair of pliers. Ive seen a few how-to write ups, so Ill spare the details, but Id like to share my add-on of an after market Amp & Sub install on my Double-Cab. 1 x Kicker CWD12 12" CompC DVC 4 Ohm Sub; 1 x Kicker 46CXA4001 Car Audio Class D Amp Mono 800W Peak Sub Amplifier; 1 x 112VH Single 12" Vented Sub Box Enclosure; 1 x Harmony Audio HA-AK10 10 Gauge 600W Amp Amplifier Install Kit?á. Your left and right positive to your positive cable, your left and right negative to the negative cable. Moving to the passenger side rocker molding, remove the two push pins securing the molding to the splash shield. Read on for more details and installation photos only in Modified Mustang & Fords The 5 band eq on the Kicker Flex Tune app is more for fine tuning, and I don’t think it has much if any effect on the subwoofer. There are no standards on what color these cables will be, in this case they were brown and black. Slide the power wire into the electrical connection; this was the one you cut the zip-tie away from earlier. Why is that? There are two ways to do this: get a line output converter (LOC) that'll adjust the speaker-level signal for your amp's input, or get an amplifier with speaker-level inputs. Remove the 13mm bolt securing the trunk side carpet to the car and the push pin; remove the side carpet from the car. How much about would this cost? K Series speaker wire and interconnects are also included, as is a … Your left and right positive to your positive cable, your left and right negative to the negative cable. it wired to be at 2ohm stable and it works just fine. , Refer to the Kicker instructions for the wires you need to tap into. kicker It is recommended to use a sound system which has an out put specifically for the sub woofer. I know I can get pretty much any sized box for what I need for $100 give or take a little. Connect the power wire harness to the subwoofer harness. First learn what colored wires should be connected to simulate your PC starting. Remove the rear piece of the front splash shields from the car. i wanna power old 120W RMW hifi and a 12 or 10 inch sub with the amp but then power surround spound speakers with a little amp i already have. Connect the Kicker power harness to the lug and torque the nut to 15 ft-lbs. subwoofer Start running the subwoofer harness underneath the carpet. Saleen is a registered trademark of Saleen Incorporated. However, if you don't have this, then the video will instruct you on an alternative method as well. I had to flip switches on the amp to 1-5 up, 6 down … Push the two tabs toward the back of the car underneath the centers of the rear seat and remove the seat. I know what you're probably thinking by now, “Will this fit into my car if I have a Shaker 500 or 1000 audio system. s197 mustang FOLLOW: ... install the included 30 amp fuse in the fuse location on the power wire harness. very helpful. Position the sub to the side of the trunk and place the bottom bracket over the stud on the trunk floor. , And a CAP for the amp. Insert the grounding wire from the amp wiring kit into the middle outlet on the left side of the amplifier. Remove the 10mm nut from the main power lug. For those of you that don't know, this is a Mopar part. 4 channel amps are great and have a lot of flexibility for the most part. Trim back the electrical tape and find the designated wire per your application. Lastly, wire your sub to the amp, plug your power supply into an outlet, get sound to your system and enjoy! Also added two remotes front and rear. Amp Kit (kicker) $99.99 vss ? Grab the subwoofer wire harness and attach the quick crimp connectors to both the green and green with brown strip wires. Turn your vehicle off and pop the hood. Connect the grounding wire to a screw or bolt in the trunk of the vehicle. What's New in iOS 14? it's not just going to plug in. Upgrade the output & quality of your 2005-2014 Mustang stereo with this Kicker VSS SubStage Subwoofer Kit! Reinstall the interior quarter panel and rear seat; along with the rest of the interior pieces you removed. Kicker’s SubStage VSS or also known as vehicle specific solutions subwoofer kit is a great upgrade or add-on to your S197 Mustang! 5.0Resto, SVE, LMR are registered trademarks of Latemodel Restoration Supply, Inc. Ford, Ford Mustang, Mach 1, Shelby GT 500, 5.0, Cobra R, Fox Body, SVT Cobra, Bullitt, Cobra, GT, V6, S197, SN95 are all registered trademarks of Ford Motor Company. Am I correct assuming that there are only 4 speaker wires in the rear plug of the HU Use the included 10mm nut to secure the bracket to the trunk floor. Once you've connected the sound cable you can finish attaching the rest. Press the button or pull the lever in your vehicle to unlatch the hood from the engine. I bought it from someone on here for cheap thinking you could hear it but holy **** was I mistaken. This kit will come with everything you need to get it installed into your car. The best place to go for anything Mustang related! trunk. Mopar KICKER dual 10" sub enclosure install and review. Loosen the 10mm bolt on the door jamb and secure the ground wire from the subwoofer harness to this location. Lots of pics!!! I have a pioneer DEH-2900mp with HP at 80hz LP at 80hz while the gain is at -10 from the stereo, bass even at 0. Then installed the Kicker CompVT subwoofer in the enclosure and wired directly to amplifier. Set the subwoofer enclosure into the car and connect the harness. Now that you have your amp kit lets get you that quote that you were wanting! Should you find that the impedances match, then you’ll want to check both the power ratings of your sub and your amp and make the necessary corrections if the amp is either under- or over-powered. I'll buy the amp and subs off craigslist, but how much will bestbuy run me for them to install … Now that Class AB amplifier carries a 30A fuse, so it won't be able to put out more than about 210 watts RMS, a lot less than the subs can handle. I can dig it up if you can't find it. I added a second 10" shallow mount Pioneer sub under the port side club seats. ... Mustang Kicker SubStage Subwoofer Install (2005-2014 Coupe) Then pull unit straight up to remove. I’ve put together some really detailed information to help make this as painless (and inexpensive) as possible. I wrote up a how to article a little while back when I installed my Kicker Key amp. , , I'm buying a nissan 350z preferably an 08 and I want to put two kicker subs in my car.. Once the power issues are handled, the video assists you with connecting your audio input. Set this aside since we will use it later. PREV VIDEO NEXT VIDEO MORE VIDEOS. The 200+ Best, Hidden & Most Powerful Features & Changes for iPhone, 22 Things You Need to Know About iOS 14's Newly Redesigned Widgets for iPhone, Best New iOS 14 Home Screen Widgets & The Apps You Need, 13 Exciting New Features in Apple Photos for iOS 14, 9 Ways iOS 14 Improves Siri on Your iPhone, 16 New Apple Maps Features for iPhone in iOS 14, 19 Hidden New Features in iOS 14's Accessibility Menu, Every New Feature iOS 14 Brings to the Home App on Your iPhone. Raise the hood of your vehicle and lock it in place. KICKER produces high-performance car audio, vehicle specific solutions, marine audio, home and personal audio, and power sports products since 1973. kicker thats right!!!! You can also find additional wiring diagrams in the KICKER U app for iOS or Android. Matching Subwoofers & Amplifiers Free Delivery by Sat, Jan. 9 to 23917 change zip +1-877-289-7664 With the top subwoofer bracket in place, retighten the previously removed side carpet bolt. s197 Well, I finally got time to install my new Kicker dual 10" sub box for my car. substage Moving back to the passenger side fenderwell; make a small incision to the firewall grommet and slide the power wire through. From then on, KICKER has been delivering concert-like audio quality across a wide volume range with renowned bass and accurate sound. Installing an amp and sub in your vehicle is a straightforward process, but not without its potential challenges. Each sub carries a 400 watts RMS power rating, 800 watts RMS together. Home Recent Uploads 2011 - 2013 Hyundai Elantra 10" Kicker Sub and Boss Amp Install. https://lmr.com/products/how-to-install-mustang-kicker-vss-substage-subwoofer-kit-05-14, FREE Discounts, Tech, News & More In Your Inbox, 05-09 Mustang Tech, Articles, How To Videos, How To: Install Kicker VSS SubStage Subwoofer Kit. , Shout out to bigbee, thanks for the post with the speaker wire color info. Button up the splash shield and reconnect your negative battery cable. Truconnex 8AWG- $79.99. , Subwoofer, Speaker & Amp Wiring Diagrams | KICKER® We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. Make a small incision in the carpet and pass the subwoofer connections through the opening. Once you've connected the sound cable you can finish attaching the rest. , Amp Install Kits KICKER® complete amp kits feature top-quality Hyper-Flex power, ground and turn-on cables. 2 x Kicker 43C124 12" Comp C12 Series 150W 4 Ohm SVC Car Subwoofers; 1 x Kicker 46CXA4001 Car Audio Class D Amp Mono 800W Peak Sub Amplifier; 1 x 212VH Dual 12" Vented Sub Box Enclosure; 1 x Harmony Audio HA-AK10 10 Gauge 600W Amp Amplifier Install Kit?á. Note, it is very important you identify these cables before cutting the sound cable. You cut the factory speaker wires behind the radio, and connect the wires coming from the radio to your LOC or amp's inputs. Use our matching tool to find the amp that will efficiently power your subs. The answer is, yes! Any usage or mentions of these terms throughout our website and print ads are used for identification purposes only. Read on as we show you how to install a Shelby Kicker sound system into our 2008 Mustang GT. However, it is possible to wire a 4 channel amp to 4 speakers and a sub! I have a 2014 Regular Cab w/ the basic Entune Head unit. Truconnex 4AWG- $109.99 . There you will see a slot to slide it through into the fender well. Subs can provide a foundation to the sound that few speakers can muster on their own. Website content, text, & images Copyright © 2021 LMR.com ® - All Rights Reserved. 1 woofer and 1 tweeter in each of the 2 doors. Turning up the bass on the 3 band eq had a big effect on the sub’s performance. im going to quote you with the kicker 8AWG wire that way you can get a close estimate within 20-50 dollars. Moving inside the car, lift up and remove the passenger side scuff plate. I’m going to install a kicker sub/amp on my truck with factory head unit and was wondering which wire to tap the remote wire into (3rd gen taco) Keep Your Connection Secure Without a Monthly Bill. It can be ordered through your dealer or … If you have multiple subs hooked to a single amp, then you’ll have to do some calculations based on whether they’re hooked up in series or parallel. How much would it cost me at a audio shop (on average) to get TWO 15" Kicker Solobaric l7's And an AMP that can power these without stressing. It's the kicker option that gives you a 10" subwoofer in the back on the side and comes with an amp, etc. Roush is a registered trademark of Roush Enterprises Inc. Late Model Restoration has no affiliation with Ford Motor Company, Roush Enterprises, or Saleen. Amp installation $99.99. Check out our YouTube channel for even more tech tips, installation videos, how-tos, and more. Then connect the amp to the power supply to simulate the car Head-Unit starting. Remove the two rear push pins securing the interior quarter panel to the trunk and floor of the car. The next part will be the most time consuming. Kicker 4AWG- $149.99. Underneath the dash and behind the glove box; find the harness passing through the door grommet. Tuck this alongside the edge of the carpet as well. In 1973, KICKER's Livin' Loud legacy began as a two-man operation, hand-building professional-speaker systems in a narrow one-car garage. Start by removing the existing storage cubby with a trim removal tool (3 clips). Back in the engine compartment, install the included 30 amp fuse in the fuse location on the power wire harness. Featuring a 200-watt integrated amplifier, ten inch subwoofer, and a specific enclosed box for the S197’s, this SubStage kit is built to offer exceptional sound and fit like a factory-optioned subwoofer. However, they’re intended for use with 4 speakers or 2 speakers and a sub – not both.. Back into the engine bay, remove the cover on the fuse box. Cut the power wire connector zip-tie holding it to the wire itself. This one is located right beside the lower seat belt mount. When I play certain songs or even when loud it just turns off, or rather the amp gets the RED light, I assume protected mode. Take this time to zip-tie both harnesses. My speakers up front produce more bass than the damn 10" sub does. , This easy to follow silent and accurate video will guide you quickly and easily through what you'll need, (like a Power Supply, a sound system that has a Subwoofer Pre-output and a High Input adapter, which may already come with your amp.) To begin installation, start by turning the wheel all the way to the left. The other half of the speaker wires in the for11ck get connected to the kicker output wires, wires in that harness should go into the connected on the vehicle side. Pull out on the panel and remove it from the car. Moving back to the trunk; remove the trunk carpet from the car. , Materials charge $5.00. When you reach the back, pass it through the small opening in the body and into the trunk. Since this is a base car we spliced the green with brown stripe wire on the subwoofer harness to the white with green stripe wire on the door speaker. interior (Locate the sub woofer positive and negative cables. The addition of the Pioneer sub and "tweaking" the amp a bit helped quite a bit. , Lastly, wire your sub to the amp, plug your power supply into an outlet, get sound to your system and enjoy! Do not put the keys in the ignition; your vehicle cannot be running when you run your power cable and hook up your head unit, amp, and sub. Well, my Benny came with the Kicker KMC10, Kicker 5 channel amp, Kicker 10" sub under the forward starboard seat and 4 Wetsounds speakers. Remove the push pins securing the back splash shield to the front shield. 10 14 mustang My plan is to install the Key in bi-amp mode with a new component set excluding the crossovers based on recommendations from @destin_meeks over at the $250 thread. Run the power wire down and right beside the air conditioning lines. Motorcycle Audio Speakers, Subs, Fit Kits, & Amps | KICKER® The only recommended modification that would need to be done for those of you sporting a Shaker 1000, is to replace the trunk carpet since yours is pre-cut from the factory to coincide with the factory sub. The part # is 77KICK20 Challenger. The solid green wire on the subwoofer harness was spliced to the light green wire with orange strip on the door speaker. Get a lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited for all your devices with a one-time purchase from the new Gadget Hacks Shop, and watch Hulu or Netflix without regional restrictions, increase security when browsing on public networks, and more. you need his kicker amp/and full kicker harness. 05 09 mustang The grounding point should be less than 20 inches from the amp and directly connected to the chassis (or frame) of the vehicle. Note: This sub requires a minimum of.8cu ft and the subwoofer enclosure is approximately.6cu ft.
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